CS-Cart Mailchimp integration addon

CS-Cart Add-on Mailchimp integration Keep your email marketing list up to date with this CS-Cart Mailchimp integration add-on. Mailchimp List feeder V1.0 helps to transfer your store users and orders to a pre-defined list in your MailChimp account. Enabling MailChimp E-Commerce automation with the uploaded store data allows your store to increase customer retention, user generated content and overall total revenue. Features Synchronize your customers [...]

Dynamic Search-Autosuggest Search CS-Cart Addon

CS-Cart Add-on Dynamic Search-Autosuggest Search Dynamic Search-Autosuggest Search CS-Cart Addon adds the dynamic search capability to CS-Cart. It uses ajax technology to show the possible results as the search query is being introduced into the search box. Features Max number of products in the dropdown can be defined Search results are presented with a hover over effect. The “match type” can be set to “any [...]

Google Remarketing Tag CS-Cart addon

CS-Cart Add-on Google Re-Marketing Tag CS-Cart add-on Google re-marketing tag CS-Cart add-on enables the ability to re-engage with your customers and improve your marketing campaign’s targeting.  With Google re-marketing tags add-on for CS-Cart, customers who have visited your store pages are likely to return when audience targeting ads are shown while browsing the web. Features Pay per click, product listing ads and Google ad-word campaigns are very powerful [...]
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